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Minimal Information about a high throuput SEQuencing Experiment
1 General features
1.1 Domain Functional Genomics including RNA-Seq and ChIP-Seq
1.2 Document Type Checklist
1.3 Group FGED
1.3 Group The Genomic Standards Consortium
1.4 Main Website http://www.mged.org/minseqe/
1.5 MI Checklist's Name Minimal Information about a high throuput SEQuencing Experiment
1.6 MI Checklist's Acronym MINSEQE
1.7 Current Version Designation Draft
1.8 Release Date for Current Version April 1, 2008
1.9 General Comments The draft will be validated through submissions to repositories attempting to follow the MINSEQE checklist.
2 Contact Person
2.1 Full Name Chris Stoeckert
2.2 Email Address stoeckrt[@]pcbi.upenn.edu
3 Key Concepts
3.1 Concept sample characteristcs
3.1 Concept study design
3.1 Concept sequence reads
3.1 Concept processed data
3.1 Concept protocols
3.1 Concept general information
5 Location of Documents
5.1 Description Draft proposal
5.2 URL http://www.mged.org/minseqe/

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