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  Bioscience reporting guidelines and tools
Foundry: towards intercompatible, extensible community MI guidelines
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grey bullet Modules may import other modules (e.g., Sampling event imports Date and Time).
grey bullet As a general design rule for MIBBI Foundry modules, structural elements ('headings') cannot require data.
grey bullet Module status denoted by bullets: Stub (no content); Under construction; Draft available; Released.
grey bullet The 'core' provides generic content for re-use in/with other MIBBI modules and by community-specific projects.
Core modules Other modules

Study design
Study overview

Organism L1
Organismal genetic component

Cell culture
Geographic location

Sampling event
Sample description
Sample size
Sample processing

Analytical technique
Data processing
Statistical analysis

Person or responsible role

Data set
Database record


Extension of Organism L1
Organism L2

Extension of Sample description
Biological sample description

Extension of Data set
RNAi assay data set

Extension of Reagent
Fluorescence reagent

Extensions of Analytical technique
Column chromatography
Nucleic acid sequencing
Mass spectrometry
Capillary electrophoresis
Flow cytometry
Gel electrophoresis
RNAi assay

Extensions of Data processing
Nucleic acid sequencing data processing
Mass spectrometry informatics
Flow cytometry data analysis
Gel informatics
RNAi assay data analysis

Project-specific extensions
MIGS Investigation
MIGS Organism

Background / Resources

Project-related discussion

Preparatory analysis

  • Performed a 'zoomed out' cross analysis of guidelines registered by Summer 2008, following the I/S/A structure (as described on the 'About us' page).
  • Produced a coarse-grained visual guide to the various scopes of those projects, and how they overlap.
  • An Excel file containing the results of the analysis is available for download.


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