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Minimum Information About a Microarray Experiment
1 General features
1.1 Domain Microarray technology
1.2 Document Type Checklist
1.3 Group FGED
1.4 Main Website http://www.mged.org/Workgroups/MIAME/miame_2.0.html
1.5 MI Checklist's Name Minimum Information About a Microarray Experiment
1.6 MI Checklist's Acronym MIAME
1.7 Current Version Designation MIAME 2.0
1.8 Release Date for Current Version 2008
1.9 General Comments Previous version published by Nature Genetics. This (v2.0) is the new shorter version.
2 Contact Person
2.1 Full Name Alvis Brazma
2.2 Email Address brazma[@]ebi.ac.uk
4 Bibliography
4.1 PubMed Identifier 11726920
4.2 Digital Object Identifier 10.1038/ng1201-365
4.3 URL http://www.nature.com/ng/journal/v29/n4/abs/ng1201-365.html

 Extensions to MIAME
  MIAME/Env   MIAME / Environmental transcriptomic experiment
  MIAME/Nutr   MIAME / Nutrigenomics
  MIAME/Plant   MIAME / Plant transcriptomics
  MIAME/Tox   MIAME / Toxicogenomics

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