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Relevant Publications
The MIBBI paper Published 2008-08-07 in Nature Biotechnology.
MIBBI's Connotea collection Collaboratively-generated collection of links to papers and websites of interest. [under construction]

Related Projects
BioSharing The BioSharing project links journals, research funders and well-constituted standardization efforts in the biosciences to expedite the production of integrated, standards-based frameworks for the capture and sharing of bioscience data.
The ISA Infrastructure The first general-purpose format and freely available desktop software suite targeted to curators and experimentalists.
CDISC standards Suite of guidelines for reporting clinical and non-clinical trials inter alia.
EQUATOR Network An umbrella organisation for developers of reporting guidelines, medical journal editors and peer reviewers, research funding bodies and others interested in improving the quality of research and research publications.

Policy statements
BBSRC (UK) BBSRC data sharing policy homepage.
NERC (UK) NERC data sharing policy homepage.
NIH (US) NIH data sharing policy homepage.
NSF (US) Grant General Conditions (see section 38) (see also [1], [2], [3], inter alia).

Data formats
ISA-Tab The ISA-Tab format is designed to hold the metadata to describe one or more studies from a bioscience investigation, each containing one or more assays (of various kinds), to ensure that the descriptions and data from the various parts of that investigation remain robustly linked.
FuGE General model of biological experimentation. Can be used as is, or extended to provide a more specific model appropriate to the needs of a particular domain.

OBI Multi-domain ontology contributed to by a very broad range of biological, biomedical and relatedcommunities.

ISA Tools The components of the ISA Tool suite work both as stand-alone applications and as a unified system to assist in the local management and storage of experimental metadata, and to formats studies for submission to international public repositories.
CPAS "CPAS is a modular, open source science portal offering web-based bioinformatics and collaboration tools to help scientists store, analyze, and share data from high-throughput experiments and clinical trials."

MIBBI Sourceforge page The Sourceforge project admin page for MIBBI (as opposed to the MIBBI website's homepage). Provides admin details etc..

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