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Minimal Information About T Cell Assays
1 General features
1.1 Domain T Cell Assays in Immune Monitoring
1.2 Document Type Initial guidelines
1.3 Group Main initiators of this effort are the Cancer Vaccine Consortium (CVC/CRI), the Cancer Immunotherapy Consortium (CIMT), and the Immune Monitoring Center at Stanford University. The final guidelines are envisioned to be an immune monitoring field-wide accomplishment.
1.4 Main Website http://www.miataproject.org/
1.5 MI Checklist's Name Minimal Information About T Cell Assays
1.6 MI Checklist's Acronym MIATA
1.7 Current Version Designation v 0.0
1.8 Release Date for Current Version 2009-10-16
1.9 General Comments MIATA modules listed on web site for public consultation; comments posted also on web site, update of v0.0 in Q1-2010; first public workshop on March 20, 2010 at CVC meeting in Washington, DC (http://www.cancerresearch.org/programs/research/cancer-vaccine-consortium/meetings.html http://www.cancerresearch.org/programs/research/cancer-vaccine-consortium/meetings.html)
2 Contact Person
2.1 Full Name Sylvia Janetzki, MD
2.2 Email Address sylvia[@]zellnet.com
2 Contact Person
2.1 Full Name Cedrik Britten, MD
2.2 Email Address britten[@]uni-mainz.de
3 Key Concepts
3.1 Concept Sample preparation
3.1 Concept Assay
3.1 Concept Data acquisition
3.1 Concept Interpretation of results
3.1 Concept Lab environment
4 Bibliography
4.1 PubMed Identifier 19833080
4.2 Digital Object Identifier 10.1016/j.immuni.2009.09.007
4.3 URL http://download.cell.com/immunity/pdf/PIIS1074761309004191.pdf?intermediate=true
5 Location of Documents
5.1 Description MIATA introduction
5.2 URL http://download.cell.com/immunity/pdf/PIIS1074761309004191.pdf?intermediate=true

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